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The Structure of the FTTH Cable

The FTTH cable according to the use of the environment can be divided into different outdoor fiber optic cable; Indoor and outdoor fiber optic cable and indoor cable, according to the position of fiber in FTTH network system also can be divided into different backbone fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable wiring cable and users.

Outdoor cable: can use existing overhead, buried and pipe with cable, can also be gas blowing miniature fiber optic cable and pavement micro groove cable. Communication gas blowing miniature fiber optic cable and optical fiber unit current standard basically in the phase of approval, estimate the years will be officially issued and implemented, there are five sections in the standard, respectively is general; External protecting tube; Microtubules, micro bundles and microtubule attachment; Micro optical cable; Gas to high performance fiber units.

Indoor and outdoor fiber optic cable (also called the introduction of optical cable) : have a lightning protection and the requirement of the flame retardant, fiber optic cable structure generally to all media. Special emphasis is the introduction of cable way of cable highlights the large tensile ability.

Indoor optical fiber cable: series of YD/T 1258 standard definition, including part 1 general provisions; Part 2 single core cable; Part 3 double fiber cable; Part 4 multicore cable; The fifth part fiber with cable; Part 6 plastic optical fiber cable. According to the purpose can be divided into vertical, horizontal layout interconnection cable wiring and equipment.