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Fiber optic cable development in China

Fiber optic cable as a mainstream way of broadband access, has a large capacity of communication, long distance relay, secrecy performance is good, strong ability to adapt, small volume, light weight, wide source of raw material price is low wait for an advantage, broadband Internet access in the future has a very wide range of applications can be expected.

In 2012, according to market research and forecasting firm IDC expects China optical fiber access users will be more than 26.6 million households, maintain 56.4% compound annual growth rate in the next five years, and China has become one of the world's largest optical network equipment market. By the end of 2011, China's optical fiber access port number has more than 100 million, year-on-year growth of more than 100%; China optical fiber access subscribers has reached 15.56 million, an increase of more than 370%.Compared with China's 158 million broadband users, optical fiber access users also there will be a very broad space rise. According to the optical fiber broadband development plan, to export 2015 national Internet bandwidth hit 5 t, urban households reached more than 20 m broadband access ability, the bandwidth capacity of rural households reached more than 4 m; Optical fiber access covers more than 5 million m households; Wireless local area network (LAN) public hot spot size will exceed 150000;Will realize the city public welfare institutions fiber arrival rate 100%, achieving all science and technology park, industrial park, commercial buildings, hotels and other places of business class of optical fiber to the building, to the office.

These data show that China's broadband market contains huge potential, will be the future broadband operators against one of the key battleground. The popularity of the optical fiber broadband is also the trend of The Times. So the future broadband market struggle is largely fiber broadband.

Deputy chief engineer of China telecom JinDong marina said that China telecom optical fiber broadband users number three years later will be more than 100 million, reached the world leading level. China unicom also has been clear about the new optical fiber to 10 million households in 2012. China mobile in three carriers in 2010 cable bidding quantity of 40% - 50%. It can be seen that operators for optical fiber broadband this promising business gave much attention to.