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How to Detect Fiber Optic Patch Cord?

The main purpose of the fiber optic patch cord testing is to guarantee the quality of the system, reduce the fault factors, and find out the fault point of the fiber when fault occurs. Simple detection method are many, mainly divides into artificial measurement and precision measuring instrument.

Artificial simple measurements: this method is generally used in rapid detection of fiber optic patch cord on and off and construction when used to distinguish the fiber optic patch cord. It is to use a simple light from one end of the fiber optic patch cord wire into visible light, which a light from the other end of the observation. The method is simple, but it can't quantitative measurement of optical fiber jumpers attenuation and fiber optic patch cord breakpoints.

Precision instrument measurement: the use of optical power meter or optical time-domain reflectometer tracer (OTDR) to quantitative measurement of optical fiber jumper, fiber optic patch cord wire can be measured and joint decay, even can measure the breakpoint location of fiber optic patch cord. This kind of measurement can be used for quantitative analysis of the optical fiber network failure cause and evaluate the optical fiber network products.