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CAT.6 8P8C Modular Plug Unshielded For Stranded Cable

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CAT.6 8P8C Modular Plug Unshielded For Stranded Cable

An 8-position,8-conductor modular connector that is most often used for data networks such as Ethernet. RJ-45 connectors are physically wider than the RJ-11/12 connectors used for telephone. In network applications, RJ-45 cable assemblies are used to connect from a patch panel to a network switch, and also to connect a computer's NIC to a data port.

Specification Mechanical:

  • Housing Material: Polycarbonate (UL 94V-2 or UL 94V-0 upon request)
  • Material Contact: 6u” below brass, 15u” above phosphor bronze.
  • Contact area plated gold over Fu”/2~3u”/3u”/6u”/15u”/30u”/50u” are available, the other area plated gold over Fu”
  • Contact area plated Nickel over 60u”, the other area plated Nickel over 30u”
  • Housing Color: Transparence
  • Operation Temperature: -40 to 80

Package Information:200 piece

Sophenol supply many types of network accessories, which also including the modular plug. We can offer modular plugs in standard configurations to terminate modular cords for patching or work area applications. And the RJ-45 modular plugs for Local Area Network (LAN) and computer applications.