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CAT5E UTP Patch Cable Bare Copper Molded Boot C

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CAT5E UTP Patch Cable Bare Copper Molded Boot C Blue PVC

The cable has solid booted conductors for greater stability under a wide variety of field conditions. All patch cords are 100% tested for performance and continuity in accordance with industry standards.


  • Conductor: Bare copper
  • Insulation: HDPE/PE
  • Jacket: RoHS PVC or common PVC
  • Flammability Grade: CM,CMP,CMR
  • Rip cord optional


  • CAT5E data copper cable with high quality, electrical performance and mechanical properties, data transmission cable for structured cabling, transmission of the digital signal and voice signal, data signal and video signal, meeting high quality requirements
  • Based on the standard EN 50173 and ISO/IEC 11801, compatible with all the connectors of CAT5E unshielded system
  • The jacket color is optional according to different needs, and the jacket material is optional for ordinary, CM, CMR or LSZH materials


  • 100Base-T4,100Base-TX,100VG-AnyLAN 1000Base-TX,155Mbps ATM,622Mbps ATM,Token Ring
  • Transmitting voice signal, data signal and video signal
  • Especially applicable to all grade-D link and D+ class link
  • Using series of patch cords and unshielded connectors of Sophenol can ensure the electrical transmission performance of the whole system